Tripartite - Gent April 29th 2016i

A wonderful weekend was enjoyed by 36 members and partners at Tripartite in  Ghent this year visiting the world famous Ghent Floralises.

 The Floralises was entirely new this year and spread over 4 sites in the City each depicting different themes including the 7 Deadly Sins!!!.The individual displays may not have been quite as spectacular as previously seen but the majority considered the overall effect as a triumph.

As always our hosts wined and dined us; starting with a champagne reception followed by an excellent Gala dinner at the Marriott Hotel, where most members were staying, so no driving home after a wonderful meal with lots of wine.The President gave an excellent speech entirely in French then kindly translated for those of us who did not understand!

 We were very fortunate to have Kate as our driver and how she managed to manoeuvre a coach around the City none of us will ever know.

The theme of eating continued on Saturday evening in what was supposed to be a traditional Ghent meal which ,sadly, was very under cooked leading to long delays and acute embarrassment for our hosts.

However there was plenty of wine and our hosts were very hospitable and entertained us throughout the evening.

Sunday concluded with a brunch and members enjoyed a leisurely coach ride back to Eastbourne.