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Tripartite 2012

Tripartite took place this year in Eastbourne over the weekend of 27th-29th April. We were joined by 19 Guests from the Rotary Clubs of Gand-Maritime and Lille Nord-Nouveau Siècle. It was a particularly important visit for our Guests from Ghent who are celebrating their 50th anniversary of formation and 40 years of joining Tripartite.

The weekend was based around the newly refurbished T & G Eastbourne Centre where most of our visitors stayed.

Friday started with a spectacular Black Tie Champagne Reception and Gala Dinner in one of the Hotels elegant dining rooms. In all some 75 Rotarians and partners enjoyed a meal of Gravalax followed by Breast of Duck and finished off with a delicious Fruits of the Forest Crème Brulée. The meal was accompanied by a copious amount of wine which was heartily drunk by all.

President Simon welcomed our Guests in his own inimitable style (something about a violent school experience and the pen of his aunt, at least that is what I understood) and promised revenge for last year’s Lille coach experience, more later.

President Jocelyn Wullschleger from Lille and Past President Jean Walraedt responded and praised Tripartite and the many lasting friendships which have developed over the last 50 years.

Saturday started early when we boarded “le-Bus” for a spectacular day visiting the London Olympic sites.

As is expected at Tripartite we started by visiting a traditional London Pub where we enjoyed a Roast Beef lunch, again accompanied by copious quantities of a very dubious wine.

After lunch our dual speaking Guide took us on “Le Bus” over to the Lower Lee Valley and to the delightfully named Pudding Mill & Fish Island. Sadly the weather was particularly wet and initially we toured the Olympic sites in “Le-Bus”. However during a short break in the rain we walked to the Olympic Stadium viewing area where we gazed with awe on the Stadium described as a floating blancmange held in a cradle of steel.

Nearby we could see the “marshmallow” Basketball Arena and the delicious Aquatic Centre with its butterfly fairy cake roof. Adjoining the Stadium was the “Orbit”, a helter skelter of red steel, being the largest piece of public art designed by Anish Kapoor. Not everyone’s cup of tea!!. The star for me was the spectacular Veladrome where the cycling events are due to take place.

We re-joined “Le-Bus” and then enjoyed a drive through the Royal Docks where we saw ExCel which will host the Boxing, Judo and Weight lifting events. Our day was concluded when we arrived at the Woolwich Barracks where the shooting events will take place.

The group enjoyed a very pleasant tea at the Barracks before re-joining “Le-Bus” for a sleepy return to Eastbourne. We were fortunate in having an excellent Guide who kept us all thoroughly entertained throughout the day. Whilst it was a very long day all agreed it was worthwhile even though we spent a lot of time on “Le-Bus”.

The party returned to Eastbourne with just enough time to wash and change before enjoying a reception followed by a traditional Fish and Chip Supper whilst being entertained by the Paul Davis Trio.

Sunday was a much quieter day with a leisurely start at the Royal Eastbourne Golf Club where some 60 Rotarians and Partners enjoyed Brunch. As one might expect, just in case anyone’s blood alcohol levels were running low, lots of wine was consumed bringing our total consumption to just over 100 bottles for the weekend.

Our visitors from Ghent and Lille thanked the President and members of our Club for a spectacular weekend and looked forward to welcoming us next year.

Tripartite is a wonderful example of Rotary International fellowship working at its very best. Many long standing friendships have been forged over the last 50 years through sharing weekends just like this one. Next year we visit Ghent and I urge all members to join us if they can for a lot of fun and Rotary Fellowship.  

My thanks to all who helped make this weekend a success

Ian Hunt



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Saturday evening will be a light supper, again, at the Eastbourne Centre perhaps with a small jazz band entertaining us. I am sure after such a full day we shall want to take it slightly easier.

Sunday will be just a "brunch" probably at the Royal Eastbourne Golf Club prior to seeing our guests off home.
I  hope  you will all agree we have something spectacular lined up for the weekend and  you will all join us  and  have some great fun. Boards will be going round Club at the end of January with full details.


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