Eastbourne Temporary Winter Night Shelter

We have now completed two years of operations of the winter night shelter and this has literally proved to be a lifeline for many rough sleepers in our town.

This has been established under the guidance of Churches Together and 7 of our Town Centre Churches have hosted the shelter. They have opened their church halls to allow us to use them on a different night each week during the months of December, January and February. The Churches have been enabled to express the call of Jesus to “love thy neighbour” through this ministry.

Approximately 180 volunteers have been drawn from across many Churches to enable us to provide and sustain the facilities to our guests over the 13 week period when the shelter is open.

There have been many positive outcomes for our guests, volunteers and people who have engaged with us from the wider community.

We have seen and experienced many accounts of people’s lives being positively impacted through the works of the night shelter.

Some of these statistics are as follows:

37 individual guests’   28 men and 9 ladies

1002 bed nights given

20 have been helped with finding accommodation

We have received over £6500 in gifts without asking for money

Community Sponsors:


Iron Maiden - provided laundry facilities

Greggs –  provided bread and cakes

Burlington Hotel – meals cooked New Years Day

Go – Go Pizzas -  provided pizzas

WestWays Vending – provided beverages

Foodbank – provided food

Waitrose – raised money from Community Matters scheme

Terminus Rd Greengrocer – provided fresh fruit

The night shelter has inspired people to engage with us, as volunteers drawn from various Churches, and across the wider Community as businesses have sought to help those within our community who find themselves in difficulty.

It is clear to us that this need will continue into the foreseeable future and we plan to continue with the night shelter in the coming years.

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