International Project 2008-09

Working with The Rotary Club of Amreli, Gujarat, India.(Rotary District 3060) our project was to provide water purifier units, toilet blocks and desks for three state schools: in the village of Chital. (15 km North of Amreli), Gujarat.

They are: --

             A total of about 920 pupils

Not a pleasant thought going to school - drinking contaminated water, not having a toilet to use and sitting cross-legged on the floor.

However, sitting cross-legged on the floor is a quite natural  posture for most of the population of India - and is very comfortable - provided one can sit with your back upright.

But for a child to study and write with his books laid out on the floor in front of his crossed

legs - it means leaning far forward - straining the lower back in a position that is

uncomfortable and is untenable for long periods.



Providing desks  makes  studying and writing comfortable.

Toilets support the hygiene lessons given in school and, because of them, girls are more likely to come to school .

Clean water defeats waterborne diseases (such as Cholera) and cooling the water  reduces heat stress when temperatures are in excess of 40 deg. C in the monsoon season.

In the year since the project was completed the school population has increased by 47 pupils - an increase of  almost 10% .

The clean water has reduced illness and, with  school being more attractive , student attendance has improved., with a consequent improvement of grades.

But not only has the health of the children improved  but their families as well - the children take home bottles of clean water - so the whole neighbourhood benefits.

The project was completed in 2010  and Bill Tozer - Club President 08-09 - with his wife Gwen went to Gujarat to inaugurate the project in December 2010.. The photos , below, are from their reception at the three schools.

It was School Sports day in  Chital village hosted at  - Chital Taluka Shala  school - with most of the village children being involved.

Bill & Gwen were received as guests of honour by the School Principle, Local Civic Authorities and Staff and asked to present the prizes.


Arriving in Gujarat, by India Rail ,at the railhead in Bhavnaga (60 km East of Amreli), Bill & Gwen were invited by President Dr Tejas Doshi and the Officers of the Rotary Club of Bhavnagar - who came to their hotel - to stay with them for a further day.

During which time they were able to visit a school to see a water filter and desks,.(One of many schools the Club supports  in this way) the Rotary Club’s own premises where the Club vaccinates between 350 and 400 children each Sunday against the major diseases, and  the other  valuable works of the Club.

Rtn. Jignesh Savani was their escort for the day with a ‘town tour’ and Rtn. Dr Dhirendra Muni provided excellent bed & breakfast accommodation.


President Mukesh Gohel of The Rotary Club of Amreli collected Bill and Gwen by car for the  60 km journey to Amreli - where they were wonderfully hosted by Club members and especially by  PP. Dr Pratap Panchal  and his wife Ganga, the perfect hosts,  - for their four day visit.

All the Club’s members were extremely welcoming but President Gohel  was particularly helpful driving them everywhere - and  in particular to Gir Forest to see the Lions  - and finally, the 100 km to  Ahmendabad to connect  with India Rail  for their journey to Delhi.


 Bill & Gwen’s comment was - “It’s a very wonderful feeling to be amongst Rotary Friends in a distant land”.